Dark · Short Stories

Ravenous Hunger

They asked me if I did it. How could I deny it when my fingerprints were all over the scene? I’m not ashamed of what I did. I’m proud of it. Wouldn’t you be proud if you finally won? I can go with a smile on my face now. They asked me, “How do you… Continue reading Ravenous Hunger

Short Stories

As if Nothing Ever Happened

-Tick-…-Tick-…-Tick- The clock moves along. -Tick-…-Tick-…-Tick- The second hand rolling slowly around the surface of the clock. -Tick-…-Tick- The sound grows louder, and louder. -Tick- The madness begins to flow in. -Tick-…-Tick- And my ears begin to ring. -Tick- The voices begin to scream. –Tick- “STOP!” The whole class around me turns and stares in… Continue reading As if Nothing Ever Happened