Dark · Short Stories

Ravenous Hunger

They asked me if I did it. How could I deny it when my fingerprints were all over the scene? I’m not ashamed of what I did. I’m proud of it. Wouldn’t you be proud if you finally won? I can go with a smile on my face now. They asked me, “How do you… Continue reading Ravenous Hunger


Windows of Change

Straight through the glass of blackened views Few to none will see right through A tear will be shed down the cheek of the strong And whimpers will be heard from those holding on If only, if only, you only knew If only, if only, you would look through. A window can show you the… Continue reading Windows of Change

Short Stories

As if Nothing Ever Happened

-Tick-…-Tick-…-Tick- The clock moves along. -Tick-…-Tick-…-Tick- The second hand rolling slowly around the surface of the clock. -Tick-…-Tick- The sound grows louder, and louder. -Tick- The madness begins to flow in. -Tick-…-Tick- And my ears begin to ring. -Tick- The voices begin to scream. –Tick- “STOP!” The whole class around me turns and stares in… Continue reading As if Nothing Ever Happened