Dearest Someone,

Take me away, so that I may learn to fly!
Throw me out into the wild and watch me try to try!
Build me up from the ground and up to the glistening stars.
I’ll build a home for my heart away from prison bars.

Dearest Someone,

Push me to my limit into the blackened storms!
To see what beauty from my hands slowly grows and forms!
Drop me from the cliffs above, to swim the oceans waves.
Drastic as this may sound; danger’s what I crave.

Dearest Someone,

Push, push, push me down, I will rise above!
Break, break, break my bones, I will still stand up!
Life will never be in favor of the path I walk.
I walk the battered road where people seldom talk.

Dearest Anyone,

I need the air from the skies that roll on snowy caps
I need the blue river song that holds me in a trance
Drop, Throw, Kick me out and let me strive alone!
I know this broken road; it’s here that I call home.

The last hope


I do not own or take credit for the photo


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