Short Stories

As if Nothing Ever Happened

-Tick-…-Tick-…-Tick- The clock moves along.

-Tick-…-Tick-…-Tick- The second hand rolling slowly around the surface of the clock.

-Tick-…-Tick- The sound grows louder, and louder.

-Tick- The madness begins to flow in.

-Tick-…-Tick- And my ears begin to ring.

-Tick- The voices begin to scream. –Tick-


The whole class around me turns and stares in my direction. Blood fades from my face and I sink in my seat. Everyone gazes in bewilderment as the teacher strolls over to my desk. He stops, looks directly at me. Then he speaks something not just to me, but to the whole class. He asks me if something is wrong with his teaching. I shake my head, embarrassed. The burning eyes sting in my sides and burn my skin. The teachers glare stabbed me most of all, like a pair of rusty scissors. “I’m sorry.” I apologize and look down at my paper. The teacher slowly turns and walks back to the front of the class and everyone turns to their work as the teacher glares at us. Attention no longer on me. The sounds of pencils scratch the papers and the ticking picks up where it left off.

-Tick-…-Tick-…-Tick-…Madness creeps back. –Tick-…-Tick-…-Tick-…My eyes roll.


The madness inside me boils like a cauldron of lava. I lose all senses and everything goes black. My fingers begin to tingle. Voices begin to yelp and scream. My knees buckle under my desk. My fists clench. My teeth grind.


It’s the lunch bell. The noise almost disturbs me but it releases me from my state of mind. My body relaxes and I open my eyes to see all the students hustling out the door on a race to the lunch line.

Sanity creeps back into me piece by piece as I regain stability. The teacher is silently correcting papers at his desk while whistling a silent tune.

I get up from my desk and gather my things then march to the courtyard where I meet my friends, each one smiling and laughing. Coolly, I blend in as if nothing ever happened.


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