Dark · Poetry

Hush, Hush

Hush little darling, don’t start to cry
Mama’s gonna sing you a dark lullaby
And if you fall asleep to it
Mama’s gonna leave you alone for a bit
And if you wake and raise your head
Mama’s gonna grab you out of bed
And if you see the blood stained walls
Mama’s gonna go to her favorite halls
And if she should return at last
Mama’s gonna return to her lovely past
And if she needs some help from you
Mama’s gonna make you a lovely stew
And if you like the juicy meat
Mama’s gonna have you join her fleet
And if you laugh at all her jokes
Mama’s gonna give her final hoax
And if you believe in all her lies
Mama’s gonna show you through her eyes
And if you like what you did see
Mama’s gonna take you on a killing spree!


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