Did You?

Did you happen to see the thoughts that slither in my head?
Did you feel the pain I felt when I wanted to be dead?
Did you see the things I saw? Did you fight my wars?
What part of me did you hold, did you settle any scores?

My shoes are worn and tattered from the years I’ve walked
My feet slide across the floor while blisters leak into my socks
I’ve stumbled and tripped, stepped back and jumped
Fallen into fire and cacti I have bumped

Did you walk the years with me, into fire and rain?
Did you taste the sweetest air that quickly turned to pain?
Did you wear my shoes? Did you tie my laces?
What part of me did you see? could you count all my faces?

You are nothing to the shaping of my being.
Nothing but the prick of a needle and a little bit of bleeding
Say what you will. I’ll never listen,
because everything you say belongs in what I piss in.


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