Naturally in love with my best friend,
Naturally a liar to my inner desire.
I’m the daughter of god himself,
So why am I shunned to be by myself?
When are these feelings going to end?
Why does this world want to offend?

Naturally I want a healthy start
Naturally I’m yearning for your heart
A world of ‘normal’ is yelling my name
Telling me we should all be the same.

I just want to hold a hand,
To fix my love with a wedding band.
At the church I hide my face,
Praying to god I’ll find my place.
Mom and dad hug and kiss,
There must be something that I missed.

I’m naturally born to be on the earth.
Naturally my mother was the one who gave birth.
I wasn’t created in a tube in a lab,
I’m not a monster who gets cut on a slab.
Just naturally I want to be accepted this way,
Naturally I was born, and now I’m gay.


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