Religious Altering

Dear Heavenly Father,

The love in this church seems so real
The voice in the front can also feel
I smile as well and close my eyes
Waiting for the moment, that you’ll stop by
The warmth of a hug, a hand on my shoulder
Still, I’m feeling like a heavy boulder
Hold my hand, Say my name
Show me all that you have claimed
I’ll wait patiently like they say
Clasp my hands and always pray
Years, and years I’ve thanked you god
Gave my faith, but still what’s odd
I have no answer and I’m left alone
All hope I had was removed from home.
The smiles I witnessed
And happiness in all fairness
Seemed so real, but it never touched
This little girl who needed that crutch.


With-out the presence of the one above
A heart has filled and learned to love
I finally know it is me alone
Who can strip the misery that held me down
From the hardships that entwined my crown
You kept me happy for a short while
But after singing your name
Nothing came.
After praying for light
Only came night
After reaching for love
Came nothing of
So now I’m a fighter
Not by myself
But with others
Though I may not call your name,
I may not read your fame
Sing with your kin
Nor do I commit murderous sins
I’m still fated at the end of my bell
To fall to the fiery pits of hell



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