Love · Poetry


I tried to kill every spark that came,
but instead I seem to have spread the flames.
I only just extinguished the last burning fire.
I could pretend I don’t feel it, but I’m not a good liar.

My whole world has been caught in this blasted inferno,
yet, something sings sweetly as the fire bellows.

Do you see it in the air?
It’s dancing all around,
flaming like a solar flare.
Screaming, but makes no sound.

I’ve been burned before and have the scars,
but this sizzle and crack could sooth even the wildest of stars.
The ghostly smoke lulls and engulfs the skin that I wear
the smoke I now breathe is as pure as air

It’s become as natural as the fish in the sea
I now require the heat to live and to breathe.

I can feel it in my chest
it dances in me now
the light that outshone the rest
It’s a flame that won’t go down.


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