Dearest strangers,

When you see me staring into space
My eyes are clouded and blank face
Leave me be and walk on by
There is no need to say “Hi.”
I am not angry, nor am I sad
It’s not your place to feel bad
I’ll wear clothes that make you question
“Where on earth did she come from?”
I’ll spout things that make you think
“Just how much did this gal drink?”
Laugh as you may at my antics
Ignore me as you do of woodland sticks
Plain and brilliant is my power
To stand in gray then be a flower
Your eyes are not my focus
Your thoughts, just as hopeless
Magic weaves in all our lives
It’s up to us to help it strive
The answer to my silly ways
You cannot find it now-a-days.
It’s in the Mitch matched patterns of my clothes
It’s wrapped in ribbons, tied with bows
Perhaps it lies in the laughter of a child
Or the power that lurks in the wild
My life and ways are not without meaning
I’m one life and it’s quickly fleeting
That’s my view and all it’s worth
Last night is the hour of my birth
Today, in a crowd I’m just one breath
But tonight as I lay it’s to my death
Not one minute did I waste
I spent it well, with good taste.


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