Glued to the Past

What is it about the past that keeps you holding on?
What is it about the people that make you laugh till dawn?
What is it about a grudge that strikes you at the heel?
What is it about that moment that makes you want to feel?

A nervous twitch to every memory hidden in my mind.
A painful sting I feel, to every word that was unkind.
A turning of the tides will come and win over this war.
A past of you and you and you, I’ll lock that filthy door.

You’re in the past and there to stay
There’s nothing left for me to say
A burning pain twists in my gut
a twister of hate and lasting love

The glue that holds our memory’s together
will weaken through the years
The pain we think will last forever
will die with all our fears

With death comes silence and perfect nothing
While life finds light in that perfect something
Time, Time, Time again. you’ll overcome the pain
you’ll feel a burning in your skin but lose it with the rain


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