Poetry · Relationships

Believe it or not

broken heart mended

I stole just a glance,
A shortened stare,
That shouldn’t have caused any harm.
It was just a touch,
A simple little touch,
That shivered up my arm.
You gave a kiss,
It soothed the soul,
And I was caught within your charm.

I can’t seem to believe you wanted me
When I was so selfish and proud
I refused to open my eyes to see
and remained so boisterous and loud
I kept you at bay for as long as I could
I tried to keep my heart away from anywhere you stood
Did I care? I think not…
I believe that’s how I got caught.

I can’t seem to believe how much for you I changed
The littlest things that made me, me
Became disposable, and at the time, it didn’t seem strange
The thoughts that entwined my mind then
To me now it seems so deranged!

You had patience or so it seemed
When you would sit beside me and you would listen
But the truth is, our love was dreamed
In all the words we spoke there was something missing

I couldn’t believe that you were perfect
And it’s good that I didn’t
You pinched my heart as a threat
But you lacked the power to win it.
I believed you were it
The one and the only
I believed you were love
But love was a phony.


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