fantasy · Poetry

Don’t Wake Me Up


This life I have been given
is not what I wanted,
but I am a crafter
and can easily re-craft it.
They say I am dreaming,
but don’t wake the dragon.
I dream of a life
where nothing bad happens.
Reality or illusion,
it matters not to me.
I will live freely
seeing what I want to see.
I would say I am dreaming
only once I am convinced;
everything you live
is better than this.
I am not crazy
and I am not ignorant.
My mind is at peace.
I don’t need to repent.
Don’t wake me from this dream
of wonders untold.
You’ve lost your imagination,
but mine still unfolds
My mind is addled
With fairies and dragons,
dancing and mingling.
Pouring ale from flagons.
Don’t wake me now.
Not here in this place.
If this is dreaming
then I’d rather sleep anyway.
Elves and Dwarves drink
to settle old scores.
But this is merely a game
till they fall to the floor.
Camaraderie lives here
and so shall I stay.
In a world of fantasy
where evil can be slayed.
Let the fairies sing!
and let the goblins dance!
let the dragons fly!
and pray the knights hold their lance!
I am perhaps a sea depth away
from the world that you live.
Your mind is a puddle
with nothing to give.
So don’t offer me help
when I dance without song.
I can see it in the air
and I feel it in my arms.


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