Poetry · Relationships

Manifesting Thoughts


Leave all your thoughts in the back of your mind
Try not to think of what you’ve left behind
To think of but one memory is bitter sweet
And will cause you to turn pale and go weak.
A terrific pain has manifested and landed in you
So you lay in your bed
Thinking of what he said
And wait for your text to go through.

Unsteady, disoriented, and mangled up
You’re walking in circles wondering what if…
The happiness, the turbulence, the ecstasy state
Are gone and sit at the bottom of a lake
You wished for a change, but it’s all too late,
It happened, it’s over, killed by a stake
It happened so slowly
But ended so fast
No future to look at, only the past.

Surprised and in shock you couldn’t move
It wasn’t what you wanted but all you could do
He pushed and he pried and he got himself through
His company was sweet, the best you ever had
The loneliness was gone and same with the bad
He stood by your side and held you so tight
But now he is gone, and took all your light.

Two people, two hearts,
Two minds are how it starts
It feels like it’s true but just a game for the two
You won’t see the end, you won’t see the cure
You’ll fall deeply in love with lust in the picture.


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