Anger · Poetry

Sticks and Stones

domestic violence and dcfs

“It’s because of you kids!”
I don’t know what I did…
“You’re sucking us dry of money!”
Please stop, I don’t find this funny…
“You’re mom’s depressed and it’s all your fault!”
I wish I could say something but I’m unable to talk
“You’re acting like a little bitch!”
Yet, all I ever do is flinch.

Sticks and stones may break my bones
but words are the only things that hurt me
Slap my face or kick me down
I’ll bruise but none will see.

“Why do you have to act so stupid!?”
I did what you asked, what more is there to it?
“Get out of my face!”
I would if I had another place…
“You deserve to have your ass beat!”
For one dish I left in the sink?
“Would you act this way at your dads’ house?”
The answer is yes, but I’m as quiet as a mouse.

It’s not my fault you scum of a man,
I did nothing wrong so wash your own pan
My mom loves me more than she’ll ever love you
You’re the reason, not us, you fool! So fuck you too
let’s reverse the roles now,
I’ll be the mother, you be the cow

Sit as you are and don’t move an inch
“You ruined my life and now you’re the bitch.”
try to fight back but your words no longer hurt
“You say the same shit, and it never did work.”
but your mom never loved you and your dad was a dick
“what makes you think I deserve to have the same shit?”
you tried as hard as you could and did the best you can
“that’s why I can tell you, you’re not a real man”

Sticks and stones may break my bones
but words are the only things that hurt me
that’s why I’m so angry to this day
and want you to suffer the same way.

You wanted to have a family?
“That’s why you treated us so badly?”
You fed us and gave us a roof over our heads
“Thanks, but I’ve been happier in dirtier beds”
you’re sorry….and sorry again
“I’ve heard it before, but I’ll never forgive your sin.”
You’ve changed so much and learned your lesson
“too bad, by now, I’ve learned my own lessons.”


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