Love · Poetry


I remember,
Don’t you see?

I remember
What you were to me.

Remind me, will you?
Of the girl that I am.

Remind me, won’t you?
What is real in this land.

“I know …I love in vein
Strive against hope…yet…”
I continue to try again
And tie my own rope

You will look my way
There will come a day
I will remember your name
I’ll no longer live in shame

This feeling of desperation
Is one I know so well
But I always look for your face
While I’m treading through hell

Is it you?      Or is it me?
That runs so selfishly
Is it me?       Or is it you?
Who loves so recklessly?

I know it hurts, I’m hurting too
All I ever see is a deep solemn blue

Caged is the heart that continues to sing
A heart like ours, lives off of dreams

I’ll just turn away and walk my trail
Eyes on my feet, heart on my tail.

Promise me this, if you may
Promise me now, on this day
Our secrets in love you’ll take to the grave
Even now in my hellish state

Remember for me
That blurry forgotten memory.
Remember for me
A life I can’t seem to see

Will you remember?
What I said to you?
Or will you forget?
That would be best to do.


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