Dark · Love · Poetry

The Skutterfly


Lurking in the sinister lands of my mind
Monsters creep, that are anything but kind.
Darkness diseases every corner, it eats the light as it swallows your sight.
My most favored creature is the skutterfly; part skull, part butterfly.
It rips out your heart the second you’re born
and gives it away  to someone quite torn.
Over and over I’ve ask myself “why?”
For an answer that will never reply.
I’ve listened to the skutter of the fly on its way,
a silent little mutter was heard during its play.
It’s only a game in its eyes, to toy with your grief.
A game you can’t win, and a game it wont leave.
Veracious and mean, it’ll tear you apart.
A silent meek scream is all that’ll be heard when it starts.
You wont see it happening when it toys with your mind.
It will twist you in knots and eat any hope that it finds.
Leaving only a single piece that cannot be heard.
You must speak on its part no matter how hard.
Everyone knows the rules of this fly.
It’s evil and mean and knows when you cry.
It loves the torment it causes,
but do you know why?
It’s simple, and yet, you wont know till you die.


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