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The Loveless

She was already covered in blood when Lucy walked through the door. Winny was known to over react but what bothered Lucy the most was she couldn’t figure out if the blood was Winny’s or not.

“Winny. What happened?” Lucy locked the door behind her as she stepped into their shared living room. “Where’s Alex?” Winny’s tears rolled down her chin and fell to the floor. She sat on the ground in the puddle of blood with her legs curled to either side of her like a child. Her arms hung lifelessly at her side.

Lucy had seen this before. She knew what this meant.

It was time to run. Again.

“We can go somewhere more rural.” Lucy began. She was already grabbing her overused backpack from the coat hanger. “Everyone here’s too nosy anyways. It’s nothing but a gossip town. I should have known it would be trouble the moment we got here.” She got down on the ground next to Winny and used her sleeve to wipe the blood off of her cheek. Lucy feigned a smile. “We’ll go somewhere we can go and no one can get hurt.”

“What difference does it make? I’ve already shown him!” Winny threw her face into her hands and began to shake softly as she fought back tears. “He’s no different than all the others. Why should he be?”

This was how it usually happened. Winny had a soft heart that fell fast and hard. No one could ever accept her for who she was though. This was why Lucy never tried. “We’re different. Others are unable to understand because they don’t want to believe.” Lucy lightly squeezed Winny’s shoulder. “We’re…”

“MONSTERS!!” Winny pushed Lucy aside and stood to her feet with a fit of anger. “I never wanted this! I don’t want to believe!” She threw one arm towards the wall, her fingers outstretched as if reaching for a porcelain doll on a shelf across the room. Simultaneously the dolls head shattered to pieces.

“STOP!” Lucy jumped to her feet and made an effort to grab Winny by the arms.
“We’re not human!” Winny yelled as she aimed one hand at the TV and the other at a window; both exploded glass shards throughout the room. “How could anyone feel compassion for creatures like us!?” The glass shards from the TV and window never hit the ground. They whirled violently through the air around Winny and Lucy. “I can’t live like this!’

“WINNY! Stop this!!” Lucy threw her hand outwards but was sliced by the glass shards flying around her. She tried to use her own power to stop the vortex of glass but Winny’s fury over powered her attempts.

Winny backed away slowly from Lucy for good distance. As she backed away the glass avoided her as if she were in a bubble. “You should have seen his face.” Her voice was low, almost a whisper, with tears rolling down her face.


“He was disgusted…” Winny’s eyes gazed off to the distance as if fading into another world. “I thought…” Her eyes dropped to the floor. “I can’t…” Her eyes slowly closed and she lifted her chin. A large shard of glass left the vortex and floated to her neck. The shard spun slowly where it floated.

Lucy flinched an arm out and again was cut in the shoulder, this time it was a deep cut. She gripped her shoulder which was bleeding profusely. “Winny you need to stop this! I deal with the same curse as you every day!! That isn’t the way out!” Winny made no movement to acknowledge Lucy. “DAMN IT WINNY! I need you!! If you go, I go! You’re all I have in this world! You’re not the only one hurting!” Lucy paused as she choked back tears. “You want to die because a man is scared of you?” She cringed in pain from a memory that hurt more than her injury. “My own father…” She winced. “My own father tried to kill me.” Winny still made no movement but a visible tear slid down her cheek. “Did you hear me?!” Lucy screamed. “He tried to kill me! So I killed him.” Winny’s chin finally lowered but her eyes remained shut, the glass shard still hovering beside her neck. “After I killed him I became exactly what he was afraid of. I should have let him kill me that day, but if I had I wouldn’t have been able to help all those people we saved the other day.”

The Shard of glass at Winny’s neck fell to the ground and with it the vortex of glass all went crashing down. “I’m sorry.” Winny sobbed as she fell to her knees. “I…” She choked on her tears. “We’re alone. How do we survive?”

Lucy ran over the shards of glass to Winny’s side and wrapped her arms around her. Winny returned the embrace. “We have each other.”

Winny took a moment before she pulled herself away from Lucy and looked her in the eyes. “I can’t keep living like this, like we’re human.”

“How else are we supposed to live?”

Winny’s face was morbidly calm now. Her eyes empty of tears. “I can’t live in hiding anymore. I don’t want to be scared anymore.” Silence fell between both of them. In the silence came sirens from outside. Winny’s body stopped shivering. She stood up and took a deep breath.

“What are you doing?” Lucy followed her.

From outside the sirens echoed in front of their house. Car doors opened and slammed shut.

“I killed him Lucy.” Winny’s face was placid. “I killed them all. On purpose. It was never an accident.”


“They’re scared because I’m stronger than them. I’m powerful…I can kill. Easily.” Winny turned away from Lucy and faced the front door which was being pounded on by the police. “I wanted them to find me.”

Lucy finally understood what Winny was saying. “If you do this we’ll never be able to live a normal life again.”

“It’s already too late for that.” Winny put up her hand at the door, waiting for the policemen. “Leave…” Lucy didn’t move. “LEAVE!”

“I can’t let you do this, Winny.”

“I’ve already made my decision! You care about them for a reason that I can’t understand. I can’t care for them. Every time I try, they prove to me just how wretched they are! I won’t kill them all. Just those in my way.”

“You’ve lost your mind…”

Winny turned just her head to look back at Lucy. “What made you think that?” She smiled weakly. The door came crashing down and policemen came flooding in. Winny didn’t take her eyes off Lucy as she flicked her finger and one by one the policemen burst as if a small grenade went off inside various parts of their body. Winny’s upper lip twitched in pleasure. “This feels so much better.” Winny then turned her gaze to the door where five policemen lay in pieces on the floor. Blood soaked into the white carpet.

Lucy watched in horror as Winny stepped over the carcasses and out the door. Lucy could hear the gun shots but they weren’t as loud as the sound of the cries and gagging of the men and women in uniform. Lucy wanted to stop Winny but she couldn’t. She could only stand with her eyes glued to the morbid display Winny left for her.

In a few short moments there were more sirens. Lucy took one long deep breath then ran out the back door. She hopped the fence and ran straight into the woods. Her only friend in the world was gone now. Lucy had no idea where she was running too, but she ran, and she didn’t turn back.


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