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To Love With Heart and Soul (Writing Prompt 10/11/15)


“Hurry up!” Jenny cried as she reached the peak of the mountain. She threw her arms out wide and took a deep breath of the crisp air.

Payton wheezed as he pulled himself up from a crawl and stood next to Jenny. The last bit of air in his lungs slipped out of his lips as he took in the endless view. Gray clouds hid the sun from view and dimmed the land that lay before them. The rolling green pastures that he had once thought were the whole world stretched into mountains. The mountains blended into a forest. The forest fell off into an ocean.

“I told you you’d love it.” Jenny grinned. “Sometimes…” She closed her eyes and stretched her arms out further in a cross. She stepped forward, only inches from the drop off. “If I close my eyes real tight.” She took another step forward. “I feel like I’m flying.” A pebble slipped under her foot and tumbled off the cliff.

Payton quickly tugged her back.

Jenny giggled as she fell into him.

They caught each others gaze. “I’ll do it. Let’s run away.” He could only feel her spirit here. Something he hadn’t felt before.

Inspired by the Sunday Photo Fiction Blog


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