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A New Arrival (10/25/15 Writing Prompt)


Mattie couldn’t wait to bring her new born baby home from the hospital at last. Her new darling daughter swaddled in a knitted pink blanket was healthy and slept like an angel on the ride home. Mattie and her husband Kyle arrived home and went straight to the nursery to lay their sleeping child in their bassinet. Mattie sat down in a cushioned rocking chair next to her child. As they both rocked, she hummed sweetly in perfect bliss.

Light pink and pastel flowers decorated the nursery room in a fairy tale manor. Both Mattie and Kyle knew nothing could make them happier. Kyle kissed Mattie on the forehead as she slowly faded into sleep.

He picked up one of the quilts in the closet and lovingly covered her. As he went to leave he noticed out the window was the toy high wheel bicycle he had been gifted out on the roof. The bike had come with a porcelain doll riding it with long blond curls that Mattie had fallen in love with right away. The doll was missing. Both doll and bike should have been in the nursery.

Then he heard chuckling echoing from down the stairs.

Inspired by Sunday Photo Fiction


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