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Just an Urban Legend ~ Part 2 (10/28/15 Wednesday Scene)

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Hillary came back into my room after answering the door. She returned with a small package. “It’s for you.” She said then dropped it on my bed and walked back out of my room without saying anything else.

“Hey!” I jumped up. “What the hell happened to my desk? Are you trying to play some kind of prank?” I looked down the hall but she wasn’t anywhere in sight. I walked down to her room and pushed open her door. “If you’re trying to prove a point by destroying my things then-” She wasn’t in her room. I turned back around and went to the living room that connected with the small kitchen. “Hillary?”

My phone rang from my room down the hall. I ran to answer it.



I looked at the caller ID. Unknown Caller.

I hung up then dialed Hillary’s number. After a few rings her phone went off from her room. I hung up and tucked my phone into my pocket then shortly later her phone started to ring again. Curiosity got the better of me and I went to investigate. Something was clearly bothering her enough to be getting paranoid. Maybe someone was playing the prank on her and she was letting it get to her head.

Hillary’s phone was covered by papers filled with doodles all over her desk. The scattered papers fell to the floor as I brushed them to the side to get to her phone.

Unknown Caller.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Roo…” Static followed the unfamiliar voice then the line went dead.
As I put her phone down on the desk I took a closer look at the doodles. On the papers were manic etchings of circles with X’s through them. One said “He’s watching” and another read “I can’t remember!”.

She needed help. This was getting out of hand. I went to look outside to see if her car was still here. Oddly it was. She rarely walked anywhere. Our small house is on the outskirts of town. Nothing within walking distance except a gas station down the road and a baseball field. There is a trail into the woods out back I’ve always thought about hiking but never found the time but Hillary’s never been a fan of dirt.

I threw a jacket on and went to the yard where the trees open up for the trail. As I approached the trees a long shadow moved down the trail and disappeared. Hillary.
I followed the trail trying to catch up to Hillary but she seemed to be a good distance ahead of me. Every time I think I’m just behind her I see her long shadow deeper iFossil falls 053n the woods.
“Hillary! Wait!” I called out but my voice just echoed.

I finally stopped at a grouping of old tree’s covered in what I can only assume to be an old tree house that has long ago been abandoned. Only a few support beams, tarps and planks of wood up the trunk of the thicker tree for a ladder.

My phone rings.

I check the caller ID. It’s Hillary. I pick up the phone. “Hillary?” Her phone was still at the house.

“Hey, I’m sorry I got upset. I’ve been really stressed lately. You’re right.” It’s Hillary.

“Where were you? Are you at the house?”

“Yeah, I went to the gas station for a pack of cigarettes. Why?”

I looked down to where the shadow I followed had disappeared. Now a tall figure in a black suit stood there. Its faceless white head matched every picture, every video, every article I had seen about Slender Man.


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