Writing Prompts

Charlie (11/1/15 Writing Prompt)


The cool air wafted up from a hole in the concrete ground. A dog frantically paced at the side of the hole, whimpering.

“Charlie!” His owner shouted from a car as he pulled up to the old construction site. He got out of the car and grabbed the dog by the collar and pulled him back to the car. The entire time the dog struggled to go back to the hole in the ground and was barking and crying. “What’s the matter with you?” He shut the door and got into the front and drove back home. For the car ride, Charlie would not sit still. He ran from one side of the car to the other every few seconds.

When they got home Charlie took a vigil spot at the sliding glass door.

“I found Charlie at the old construction site. He’s been acting weird.” Charlie’s owner said to his wife.

“Did you see Tommy there?”

“The kid that house sat for us while we were away?” His wife nodded. “No. Why?”

“I guess his parents haven’t seen him all day, last they saw him, he was with Charlie.”

Inspired by Sunday Photo Fiction


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