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I’m Not Asking For Much


I only ask that you never forget this one little thing
Always remember on my happiest of days I’m suffering
Because I often feel so little and small
I often feel I’m smaller than small
When I turn away with tears in my eyes
Brush them a side and hold me tight
When I push you away, know I’m not mad
It’s hard to be held when I’m feeling I’m trapped
It’s not much that I ask for, it’s really not hard
Just know what’s wrong before I’m falling apart
Know what to say when I don’t want to hear
Know how to act when you can’t see the tears
Know what I’m feeling when I’m awake and your asleep
Know what I write in my book I won’t let anyone read
Know what I say to calm myself at night
Know that I love you whenever we fight
It sounds like a lot; it may seem like a mess
But it’s nothing compared to what I fight in my head
So forgive me if I get mad that you don’t remember
What I whispered in your ear while you were asleep
Forgive me if I walk away from you when you do something
That I had warned you not to do; having not made a peep
Forgive me for not talking in the middle of a conversation
Because I forgot how to speak without my own permission
I’m not asking for much when I’m asking to be loved
All that I’m asking is you love me when there’s nothing to be loved


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