Love · Poetry · Relationships

Last Place

I’d love to be the first in a race
but I’m slow and can’t keep steady pace
I’d love to be number one, top of the world!
but I’m not that smart, and I’m a simple girl.

I want to be the best, and the only one
but I’m easily distracted and don’t get anything done
I’d love to be all of these things
I’d love to trade my mediocre for wings
but I’m finishing in last
as I have so many times in the past.

I remember once, when I came in first
the first and the only
It was nice while it lasted
but somehow, felt lonely.

I was the first, I was the number one
I was his and he was my sun
I won a prize nearly impossible to hold
I won a man’s heart made entirely of gold.
I got to be first and that was a blast
But that’s all that I was, until I gave up at last

I finished at last as the first love
I was the first! but it wasn’t enough.
Winnings a victory but the prizes aren’t great
The best prize I’ve won so far, is winning last place

He wasn’t my first, nor I his
But the best part I find is simply this
I’ll be his last and there will never be more
He’ll be my last kiss at night
And he’ll be there when I walk through the door.


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