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A Mad Girls Lullaby


This is a picture of my novel that I’m in the progress of writing. I just printed it for the first time and I’m making my final edits. It feels so good to hold my words instead of looking at them on screen. My excitement can’t even be measured!

A few months ago I started a personal challenge to finish it within 6 months and as of today I am 20 days away from my set goal. It is technically finished now save for the final edits that I am now in the process of making. I am celebrating reaching my short term goal but I’m also wanting to see how much final edits I can get in within the remaining time I have left. I’m not rushing myself anymore because I don’t want my first novel to be sloppy and want to put as much time into it as it needs. I have been working on this novel for three years, though and being so close to the finish is getting me giddy.

As soon as I am done with this edit I will be planning on looking for some beta readers to help catch any last details I may have missed and to tell me what was good and bad. I don’t want to miss any steps so I am taking extra precaution with getting my book ready for publication.

If you want to read an in-depth description of my book go here and you can read the synopsis and the first page of ‘A Mad Girls Lullaby’.

Thank you, everyone!


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