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Quarterly Goals (4/8/2017)

I’m 8 days into the month, which is when I started these goals, but I wanted to share it here to give myself some accountability. I’ve used this method to organize my goals once before and it helped to push me to achieve more, while having a clear idea of what I needed to do for productivity. I have three months to try to complete all of my goals. I got this! I can do all the things!

  1. Start doing Beta Readers again
  2. End school semester with B’s and A’s
  3. Be more assertive
  4. Finish an outline of the Distorted AB (secret project)
  5. Finish reading “The Blood Mirror”
  6. Revamp website (this is already done, but again, I made this list at the beginning of the month, before I thought about posting this list)
  7. Take dog on runs
  8. Make the needed changes to a Mad Girls Lullaby
  9. Paint more
  10. be more active on social media

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