(4/22/2017) A Romantic Psychological Thriller with Dragons, Oh My!

Greetings, Milord’s and Ladies!
I have been racking my brain for words to give you, but it has been so much more difficult than I thought it would be. I have all these subjects I want to talk about with you, but I can’t seem to get the thoughts out right. No bother, I finally figured it would be best for me to introduce myself further. In my first blog I barely touched on who I am or even why I would like your eyes to view my doings. Formally, I am Olivia K. Spektor, you may call me whatever your fickle hearts fancy. No worries, I’m not going to be telling you my whole life story, we’re not close enough for that yet, take me on a few dates first and then we’ll talk about the sappy stuff. I am twenty-four years old and the oldest I have ever been in my life! Crazy, right?

I am, I mentioned this before, a day dreamer, head in the clouds and feet firmly on the ground. This might not make any since to you, almost like an oxymoron of sorts, but it’s perfectly sensible. You see, I am painfully aware of the world around me and make sure I never lose that grip on reality, because like most “responsible” adults, it’s the only way to survive in this crazy world. I do need the fresh air of fantasy. This is what makes life worth living and helps me keep going when the burdens of reality become too much. I know I’m not the only one. Really, we all need an escape from our lives because sometimes they are just too much to bare and the pain needs to be doused like a fire. Fantasy does this for me, whether it be in the form of a novel, comic, art, movies, video games or even letting my imagination run wild. Nothing gets me better than a well painted alternate reality, that may mirror ours, but is far more exciting and adventurous.

This is also, as you may have guessed, why I love writing. Along with entering other people’s worlds, I love to create my own. The beauty of writing is being able to write whatever I want, with my own rules, laws and boundaries. I have an infinite scope to explore and play with, the only boundary I have is the words I use to express it all to you, the reader. Words sometimes cannot express everything, but that’s where I get to be selfish. Some things are just for me to see and experience and I can do my best to paint the picture with words for you, but your mind will mold it differently than anyone else, making it a different experience for everyone, whether it’s enjoyed or not. That is magic in its purest and truest form. We all read the same line, but see different images. Isn’t that beautiful? It’s almost romantic.

My favorite genres are fantasy, adventure, romance, horror, and thrillers. I like two extremes and I love when they meet in the middle in a bloody, love mangled splash of fiction. Be it as it may, blood and gore doesn’t exactly do it for me though. I’m not bothered by the occasional dismembered body and morbid scene, but if that’s the entirety of the plot, it’s a real turn off. Also, the romances, where two star crossed lovers fall in love instantly or everything about their relationship is perfect and they’re meant to be together, but their only obstacles are the people around them for whatever reason don’t want them to be together, or someone is jealous. Yeah, I’m not a fan of that. No relationship is perfect and the world doesn’t always want to keep a couple apart. There are wonderful middles for both of these genres, and when a story is able to reach them, it’s just fantastic. I could go on a semi-rant about fantasy stereotypes also, but I’ll pass on that for now. All that needs to be said, is not every genre is perfect in every way, and in order to like a genre you don’t have to like every facet of it. That’s just life.

I think, and you may not agree with me, a fantasy/romance, set in a psychological thriller, would be my absolute favorite. Imagine this: Kelsey is a wild eyed girl ready to set out to see the world. Upon the onset of spring she begins her journey, full of spunk and gusto. She loses her way after making a wrong turn in the woods, but serendipity is on her side. She discovers a small town on the edge of the woods. Their buildings are charred by fire from a long ago tragedy. A kind woman offers to let Kelsey stay in her spare room, to which Kelsey graciously accepts. Within her two night stay, she meets the other townsfolk, who are quiet and skittish to her presence. She meets a man, Jessie, who informs her of the towns run in with a dragon. Those who stayed, were those who couldn’t afford to leave, and it seems Kelsey is unable to leave, for when she plans her departure, a storm passes through, lasting over a week. In this time her feelings for Jessie grows and after the storm clears she is always finding an excuse to stay. Upon the suspected suicide of the woman giving shelter to Kelsey, she realizes there may be something far more sinister lurking in the shadows of this town that Jessie refuses to tell her.

I don’t know, these are just things to have fun with and mix around like putty. Are there any genre’s that you would like to see put together? Perhaps, Dystopian and Crime, told from the perspective of the soldiers fighting the rebels? Maybe an Urban Fantasy and Action mix? It would be something like “The Bourne Identity” with Orcs, Dragons and Goblins. Throw in some double agents and sorcerers for good measures. We could call it “The Dragon Bourne Identity”? maybe? Hm, I kind of like it.

I think I’ll leave it here and let you have a wonderful day. This was supposed to be a more in depth introduction blog, but it ended up in a semi-rant about genre mixing. I am okay with this.

‘Till next time.

~ Olivia K. Spektor


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