Love · Writing Prompt

Day Two of 30-Day Challenge!

Day Two: In 250 words or less, write without any -ing verbs.   This is part 2 from day 1's prompt. Find part 1 here. “What happened over there? How did…” Jessie shifted awkwardly on the drift wood. “I might as well have died out there. Everyone else…My whole squad was taken captive. Little food,… Continue reading Day Two of 30-Day Challenge!

Love · Writing Prompt

Day One of 30-day Writing Challenge!

Day One: A love scene without "eyes" or "gaze". Samantha sat on the lonely dock admiring the watercolor-esque view of the sun setting over the bay, listening to only the sound of waves sloshing against the support beams. She couldn’t remember if it was Tuesday or Wednesday let alone what month it was now. She… Continue reading Day One of 30-day Writing Challenge!