Short Stories


Blizzards. The foam of crashing waves. The center of the light leading to heaven. The immediate flash of lightning. All white. Hazardous and unknown.  Not only empty and barren, White can be violent. Many often fear the abyssal depth of darkness that black brings, but they rarely realize just how mind shattering white is.  White,… Continue reading White

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"Tag, you're it!" My next-door neighbor, Brain, yells as his hand slides against my back.  I come to halt and mumble, "dang it".  My lungs are burning, and I don't know if I can run anymore. All the kids in the neighborhood are fast runners, much faster than I am, but I have determination. Today,… Continue reading Tag

Short Stories

As if Nothing Ever Happened

-Tick-…-Tick-…-Tick- The clock moves along. -Tick-…-Tick-…-Tick- The second hand rolling slowly around the surface of the clock. -Tick-…-Tick- The sound grows louder, and louder. -Tick- The madness begins to flow in. -Tick-…-Tick- And my ears begin to ring. -Tick- The voices begin to scream. –Tick- “STOP!” The whole class around me turns and stares in… Continue reading As if Nothing Ever Happened