Dark · Short Stories

The Loveless

She was already covered in blood when Lucy walked through the door. Winny was known to over react but what bothered Lucy the most was she couldn’t figure out if the blood was Winny’s or not. “Winny. What happened?” Lucy locked the door behind her as she stepped into their shared living room. “Where’s Alex?”… Continue reading The Loveless

Dark · Short Stories

Family Reunion

The girl in front of me stared blankly passed me as if looking for someone to give her the words to speak. Her eyes glazed over and her eyes dropped to the ground. The most pitiful look I had ever seen slipped onto her pale, freckled face. “Can you help me?” She desperately pleaded, hands… Continue reading Family Reunion

Short Stories

As if Nothing Ever Happened

-Tick-…-Tick-…-Tick- The clock moves along. -Tick-…-Tick-…-Tick- The second hand rolling slowly around the surface of the clock. -Tick-…-Tick- The sound grows louder, and louder. -Tick- The madness begins to flow in. -Tick-…-Tick- And my ears begin to ring. -Tick- The voices begin to scream. –Tick- “STOP!” The whole class around me turns and stares in… Continue reading As if Nothing Ever Happened