A Mad Girls Lullaby

“A Mad Girls Lullaby” is my novel that is currently being edited. I started it in 2013 for a NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) project and successfully reached the 50k words in 30 days. “A Mad Girls Lullaby” is set in a Dystopian world, hidden under the dense fog of ignorance and civil war. Anna, the main character, must quickly figure out which side of the war deserves her alliance, but it’s hard to decide when everyone wants her dead.



Alone, and without any memory, Anna finds herself in what could possibly be a torture dungeon or an insane asylum. With a stroke of luck she finds a way out, when she goes to find help, she’s captured by the most unlikely group of rebels. A Ringleader, triplets and a midget clown, oh dear! Her waking nightmare continues to worsen as she struggles to maintain her sanity in a world already gone mad. It is in the madness that she’ll make enemies, test bonds and learn her past will either help end the tyranny on social order or discover some things are better left forgotten.”



“I Promise.” She replied to a distant voice she could barely recognize as her father’s. “Where are you going?” She tried to say, but both times when she had attempted to speak her lips remained still. Her arms were just as lifeless, same as her fingers, and her legs, and…everything else. All she could feel was gravity holding her down. Not a hint of light grazed her face, instead she couldn’t tell if her eyes were open or closed. She was shrouded in complete darkness without the ability to move or speak. She had been robbed of all her senses except the one that allowed her to panic.

“Please, remember.” There was something saddening in those two words. Her chest got heavier than the rest of her body as she realized he was leaving her. She needed him. He couldn’t leave her now. Not like this.

“Come back!” Again she tried to scream out any bit of noise her lungs would allow, but her lips didn’t twitch and her lungs couldn’t so much as inhale. She writhed and did all she could to try to move but it was as though she was paralyzed. Everything she attempted did nothing except frighten her more and more. The panic rose in her till all she could feel was her heartbeat throbbing in her ears and the blood pumping from limb to limb. She could hear her screams only in her mind, but felt them coursing through her veins. The screams pulsated everywhere they ran, vibrating in her temple and shaking down to her toes.

As if a bullet had just pierced her heart, she jolted upright in her bed, screaming. This time the noise followed like the deafening chorus of banshees. Her heart beat as though it were going to jump out of her throat and tear her soul from her body.

It was only a dream.

She tried to convince herself. It all had felt so real that she wondered if this was only a new dream.

She slapped her hands against her face and curled her knees up to her chest. She wanted to cry, but quickly rubbed her eyes and the welling subsided. She was scared stiff, of what she wasn’t exactly sure and despite the fear, she didn’t shake or shudder.

The blood that flowed through her, rushed from her head to her toes, making short detours everywhere in between until it boomeranged back to her heart. Her breathing remained steady and she soaked in the noise of the droning air system flooding cool air into the room from above her.

She pinched the bridge of her nose and opened her eyes one by one. She clenched her eyes back shut a couple more times before she adjusted to the blaring light. Her gaze caught on the back of her hand that lay on her knee. A black, twisted tree stretched from her knuckles down just above the wrist, the roots stretched like a mirror of the branches above them. The tree had no leaves and a small silhouette of a bird flew towards it. Her heart then finally calmed and her muscles relaxed. She rolled her head back, letting her bones pop, and reached her arms out as she stretched, twisting around to finally get comfortable under her skin.  As she did so, she noticed a cord dangling from her right arm, and also two other cords taped to either side of her forehead. Not only this, but she clearly was not in her bedroom.


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